IBL-437 C

The IBL 437 C is a self-shielded irradiator design specificaly for blood product irradiation.  Radiation levels at surface are below 2.5 mR/h, in compliance with the relevant internationl Regulations. The samples are loaded into a 3.8 liter (One Gallon) canister and installed into the front of the unit. Irradiation time is set in seconds employing a digital timer.

Rad Source - RS 3400

The RS 3400 Blood Irradiator is a medical device (FDA 510(k)), which uses X-Ray irradiation to irradiate blood and blood products packaged in transfusion bags when irradiation for Graft Versus Host Disease (GVHD) is indicated. It uses a single X-Ray Source and rotates individual Canisters around this X-Ray Source for a specific period of time so that irradiation is delivered to the contents in the canisters. The RS 3400 Blood Irradiator utilizes proprietary, patented technology. (Patents 7,346,147, 7,515,686, and other patents pending).

Comming Soon

MikRon is working hard to add new Blood Irradiators to our list of devices we can provide service for.